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Feeling down after 3x BEP

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  • Feeling down after 3x BEP

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new on the forum. I was diagnosed with TC in early january. After the surgery doctors found that the cancer had spread to my stomach and lungs so I was put on 3x BEP treatement.
    I just finished my very last chemo this tuesday

    First of all, this forum has been very helpful during my treatements! Been reading on here a lot and it has provided me with loads of support. So thank you all for that!

    After the last chemo I feel kind of empty. I figured i'd be relieved and excited that I was done with everything, but the truth is I don't feel excited at all. My body is still hurt from the chemo, my HB levels are super low so i'm tired a lot, and my hands are majorly affected by the neuropathy.

    Last night I ordered sushi (I was really craving for some sushi) but broke down into tears because I couldn't use the chopsticks because my hands hurt too much to hold them properly. Kind of a stupid reason but I guess all of my emotions from the past months just had to come out.

    Now I know i'm fresh off chemo and these things take time. My body will slowly recover and i'm totally OK with that. I accept the fact that it takes time and i'm not looking for a magical solution.
    I was just wondering how some of you guys dealt with recovering? What helped you feeling good and "normal" again after chemo?

    I also lost quite a bit of weight and i'm working with a nutritionist at the moment, so I should gain some weight eventually. Also I do plan on working out when my HB levels recover to the point where I can walk a fair bit without feeling like I ran 2 marathons.

    Like I said, I accept that this will take some time. Just curious to what worked for other guys


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    My husband had a different treatment than you but he went through a lot of emotional challenge after chemo. Took a year to start to settle into the new normal. Things that helped was He went to see a counselor that had experience with cancer survivors, he started working out and lifting weights, improved his diet, saw a naturopathic doctor who prescribed some supplement and IV nutrition. It takes a long time to feel better so expect this year to be all about recovery and finding a new balance. Hang in there. You will make it to the other side of this
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      Afraid it mostly takes time & taking care of yourself.The neuropathy may improve some, mine never got as bad as you describe, but I still have it. Some days are worse & some better. In my case, I gained 20 lbs & it took me at least two weeks post chemo before i even tried to exercise, & it was slow going at first, but I did manage to lose that weight & more. Have you had a follow up CT yet? That first clear scan can be a big mood booster for some. If you continue to fel empty, it might be good to find someone to talk to, whether a friend or a therapist, but I expect that time will solve your problems.

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        Thanks for the replies I was expecting my body to feel better WAAAAY to fast after my chemo ended. It's improving little by little everyday so i'm just taking things very slow. The HB levels are still very low so I haven't started lifting weights just yet.

        My post chemo scan will be in 3 weeks... Bloodwork still in the clear at the last check-up so i'm hoping for the best when the CT happens.


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          Hey JD!

          First of all congrats on being done with chemo!that is in itself something to be proud and make you feel good about, even though it’s also a conflicting.

          I think Dave had the best words, time is the main healer in this situation but staying busy and keeping your mind occupied can help boost things up.

          I’m week 8 out now and I still get ups and downs though physically things are getting back to normal. I think when my facial hair came back that was a real boost. Just remember to think positive and take it sad and frustrating all of this is I do feel that I’ve also gained a new appreciation for the things around me and the ppl, even strangers. (Corny I know)

          I saw a video today from trebek and I think this can help:

          Regardless know that you’ll always have this group to vent and talk to!

          Let us know and hang In there ! Good luck on the scan and remember just to take it one day at a time!


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            It's tough, JD, but it will get better!! For me, vast majority of side effects took a few months to wear off.

            Hopefully, you get a clear CT scan and that will make things much better mentally too!!

            Look after yourself and don't put too much pressure on yourself
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