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Noticed mass in scrotum area (March dx: sem. stage 1a)

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  • Noticed mass in scrotum area (March dx: sem. stage 1a)

    This March I had right side orchiectomy and diagnosed with Seminoma stage 1a. Currently undergoing surveillance.

    On my right side, where the bottom of my pelvic bone meets the right side of my penis, I can feel a mass ~1 cm long. The mass feels like it is lying right above the penis there and is y shaped and hard.
    On my left side, I don't feel such a mass.

    Perhaps this is some normal remains of the removed testicle (ducts?). Perhaps this has always been there. I don't think that's a location where this cancer initially metastasizes.

    I messaged my urologist - wasn't sure if I should contact him or my oncologist. Currently waiting for a reply. Waiting is always hard.

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    I can't recall anyone mentioning this before, but my guess would be something related to the surgery, let your doc check it out.
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      Have you received any respons from your doc?
      I have something like a mass 1 cm above my surgery scar. I went to my urologist for a physical examination and he said not to panic....
      11/7/2018 - You have TC
      11/13/2018 - Right I/O
      Pathology report : pT1Nx Pure Seminoma
      MRI with contrast - All clear


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        I did and also went in for an exam. Before the exam, my urologist thought it was likely a hematoma (I'm guessing very common after orchiectomy). After the exam, he believes the mass (I called it Y-shaped; he called the mass two separate bumps) is connected to the stump of the remnant spermatic cord structure higher up in my abdomen. Perhaps this mass was always higher up in my abdomen and fell down after the spermatic cord was removed.

        He thinks most likely it is a lipoma (benign fatty tissue). He also thinks it could be a lymph node(s) that is enlarged. If a lymph node, its location would make it more likely to be enlarged/reactive due to the surgery itself and not cancer metastasis. The normal paths of seminoma metastasis would take it to different lymph nodes than these.

        We will be monitoring for the next four weeks to see if the size changes. If there is significant enlargement, we will consider removing the mass to have it examined pathologically.

        For you LouisFCP, I've seen many reports of folks having bumps and lumps right around their scars that decrease in size over time.