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Post-Orchiectomy Weird Sensation

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  • Post-Orchiectomy Weird Sensation

    I am a year post-orchiectomy of left testicle, seminoma. I've noticed a weird sensation in the last month (maybe two or three) or so but can't really peg when it started. Has anyone else gotten a weird almost flush or rushing feeling of warmth or cool in the area directly below their scar when they have an orgasm?

    I know that's an awkward topic but its a funky feeling and I'd love to know I'm not the only one or that there is a specific reason, ie nerves coming back or something.

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    İ am searching for answer of the same question. Please read my post... "Orchiectomy and Orgasm pain, ejaculation pain".
    İ think, Your remaining part of the vas deference is the problem.


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      Some posts in this forum....

      Some forum discussions.

      Ejaculation pain after orchiectomy...
      I had a right orchiectomy three years ago. I have numbness, soreness, sharp pains, and burning from ejaculation below the incision towards my right leg. I have had ultrasounds and second opinions only to find nothing. The problem is that yesterday during ejaculation the burning pain doubled me over, it felt like a fire inside, much much worse than usual. I dont know what to do since i dont really feel like giving up sex.
      Wow! Someone else that has the same issue as me! I haven't been able to find out why this is happening to me as well. I get a severe sharp burning pain that feels like I have taken a knife to the stomach. It feels like it's on fire and the pain radiates there for quite some time. Doctor thought it was my ilioinguinal nerve but I'm not so sure at this point. I'm still trying to find out what's wrong.
      I had a radical orchiectomy on the right side. I do sometimes get severe burning pain on the right side in the inguinal region below the scar on ejaculation. Sometimes its severe, sometimes it’s very mild, and most of the time it is nonexistent. I suspect three possibilities in order of likeliness:

      1) Neuropathy, damaged nerves and healing nerves can fire unpredictably. A strong stimulus like orgasm might be triggering something that is nerve related only.
      2) Vas Deferens spasms during or leading up to ejaculation. The vas deferens is no longer anchored since it was severed during orchiectomy. Perhaps smooth muscle twitches are causing it to move around causing pain.
      3) Retrograde ejaculation into the vas deferens may be swelling it or even leaking out into the pelvis if it has recanalized as is common in vasectomies. The swelling from backpressure or leakage may cause pain/burning.
      I'm 9 months post testicular cancer. My right testicle was removed during the orchiectomy . Since the surgery, orgasm is the real problem. When I reach orgasm, a warm throbbing rushes over that area (not in a good way!). It hurts and feels like an invisible hand is gripping the area and squeezing hard. I hate it enough that it's affected my sex life and I hardly even feel like it anymore because I dread the pain. (The pain probably lasts less than 30 seconds, but it knocks the breath out of me.) Has anyone else experienced this?

      Ejaculation pain after vasectomy
      I had a closed vasectomy.This past week I also experienced a terrible pain following intercourse which I had never had. It was really bad, with hot flashes, soreness, throbbing, and painful sexual function. When my wife and I played a little too intensely and I had a pain that returned for a month, making arousal and climax painful (as well as movement and daily tasks). I suppose my definition of arousal pain would be pain felt in the genital region when presented with an arousing stimulus and/or during any type of pleasurable sexual contact. As for arousal pain, at its worst, I recall going through the grocery store, seeing someone moderately attractive, and feeling a pain in the epididymis. It was widespread and persistent pain and didn’t take much to trigger it. Orgasms were very painful at that time, with a distinct sharp pain. Your timeframe of discomfort for around 1 hour after is in keeping with what I recall, and I also recall sensitivity in the area that’d last long after that.


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        It’s actually not a painful sensation for me. Just a cool or hot sensation. Just feels odd more than anything else


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          Dear @tjdoyle

          Actually this discomfort not everytime like a pain. İ sometimes feel a foreign object is touching to my groin during orgasm. Some times hot sensetion and sometimes Sharp pain. İt is different in every ejaculation. The main subject, why do You feel this. ? You dont have spermatic cord. No sperm is flowing in that Side groin. But in ejaculation You feel something...
          İ watch orchiectomy videos. They leave some portion of vas deference (coming from prostate) . As i understand during ejaculation that portion start to make rithmic movements. Since its end entrapted into the scar its movement causes strange feelings or pain. Solution???.. Talk with Your Uro... İ think a laparoscopic surgery is needed to remove remaining vas deference... İf You Talk with Your doctor then please let us know what he said.

          Another thing i want to ask You is..... How is the sex after orchiectomy?. Your desire level libido. Orgasm pleasure. Can You compare with before?/ orchiectomy...?
          Thanks for reply.