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Cancer returning two months after 3xBEP

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  • Cancer returning two months after 3xBEP

    I'm freaking out a bit right now and I can't see my oncologist for another three weeks (CT scan next week).

    I had a right IO in February (age 26), mostly non-seminona tumor with no vascular invasion. Tumor markers (afp/HCG) went up after surgery along with a slightly enlarged lymph node, so I got 3x BEP ending May 25. My last blood test on May 9 showed tumor markers down to practically zero.

    The scary part: Over the past couple weeks there's been a small but rapidly growing mass under my right areola, which is the same side as the IO and enlarged lymph node. The lump is becoming visibly obvious. I'm concerned that the cancer invaded the lymphatic tissue in the breast.

    I have 3 weeks to panic and stress about this possibility and am having not too much success googling, so I was wondering what the typical treatment options are when TC responds to but survives 3xBEP, or if anyone had a similar experience.
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    Hey there, that doesn't sound good - when did you have the CT scan? Has the original node changed in size? And what does your oncologist say?

    It might still be something else, but there are different options for following up to 3xBEP - more chemo like TIP, VIP as well as HDC with stem cell transplant. And there's TIGER clinical trial that could be a good way to go.

    They are still good options in case you need to go there!! Hopefully, more clarity soon...
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      Chances are very good that it is not cancer. Chemo can get to cancer almost everywhere in your body (with the exception of testicles and brain). I had a metastasis that was in my neck and chemo knocked it out. Chemo resistance is pretty rare, especially in stage 1 and stage 2 TC.
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        I had the same and it was simply - gynecomastia. Probably you can make an ultrasound and you will know for sure.


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          My son had the same type of thing you are describing, and it turned out to be nothing. I'm not sure what it was. He does not like to sure his health news with us as much after he was deemed cancer free 3/15/18. Maybe ask for an Ultrasound before the CT to give yourself peace of mind.

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            I agree with dgray, probably gyno especially if it is somewhat itchy and sensitive.
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              I think for you the 3 weeks waiting is your hang up. If i were you i would be screaming bloody hell at my oncologist. If you feel something isnt right then by all means press as hard as you can to get seen sooner.
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                Thank you everyone who replied.

                Hopefully, and it seems most likely, it's gynecomastia and it's reassuring that was the case for some.

                Couldn't get an earlier appointment with my oncologist so I just have to wait and assume the best.


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                  Did you call his office & tell the about the lump? If so, it's probably time to change doctors, they should make room for unexpected symptoms like this.
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                    Yeah I was able to get an ultrasound and they gave me a mammogram too, haha. Good news is the doctors said it's almost certainly gynecomastia caused by either the chemo or a medication I'm on (or a combination of the two), but we'll keep an eye on it.

                    Bad news is that the CT scan showed >1cm node so it looks like I'll be getting a post-chemo RPLND. My surgeon is a real pro though and I may be a candidate for laparoscopic or robot-assisted RPLND.


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                      Most likely a teratoma if it’s anything, while it is very annoying once they cut it out you’ll be good to go for good!
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