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  • Cause for Concern?

    I had my left I/O on 08/21/2019 and have been recovering fairly well. However a week after the surgery, I noticed that what was open space after the removal had started to feel odd and was filling with something. I mentioned the swelling during my two week checkup, but still wasn't concerned, and my doctor didn't seem concerned either. Then, over the weekend I noticed that it had grown to about 3/4 the size of my right testicle and made an appointment on Monday to have it checked out. The doctor was in surgery and was booked all day on Tuesday, so I saw his PA. She brought it up to the doctor and he said to put me on antibiotics. I have been on them for three and a half days now and I have not noticed it decreasing in size. If anything it has gotten a little bit larger. I am wondering if I should be concerned, or if this is something that others have gone through that will resolve itself?

    I've noticed some sensation in the area, not necessarily pain, but something. Which is odd after the I/O as I have had a lot of numbness through the left groin area. Not sure if this is something worth mentioning, or not.

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    This sounds like a hematoma (basically blood filling an area) if so, it's not unheard of,but not really common,either. If tht s what it is, they seem to go away with time. Groin numbness post I/O is very common.

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      Thanks for easing my worry a bit. I figured the numbness was pretty normal. Hoping it'd be back to having feeling by now, but it is what it is. I'll keep you posted on what it is, or likely is, in a couple weeks.