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Stage 1a non-seminoma and enlarged Thymus gland :(

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  • Stage 1a non-seminoma and enlarged Thymus gland :(

    Dear all,

    This is my first post on this forum. I just turned 27 years old and I am from western Europe. Short after my birthday I got diagnosed with testicular cancer in my left testicle (5 weeks ago). This turned out to be stage 1a non-seminoma. I do not remember all statistics, but what I remember is that the tumor was 2 cm in size, did not invade blood/lymph vessels, no metastases were detected on the CT scan and it was 30% embryonal. After my surgery my doctor opted for active surveillance, in this case every 3 months. I told her that I have also read about choosing chemotherapy to reduce the risk of relapse (thanks to this forum). She promised to discuss this with doctors from another hospital.

    A week later I got a call which started 'positive', as the doctors from the other hospital agreed on active surveillance. However, she also had a message which was not that positive. The other doctors have found an enlarged Thymus gland on the CT scan. I have visited a cardiothoracic surgeon one week ago. He stated that this enlarged Thymus gland is unrelated to testicular cancer. I do need a surgery to remove the gland, as it could be cancerous (fortunately he told me that I do not need to have the surgery on a short basis, it can wait some months). My cardiothoracic surgeon however also stated that there could be a minor possibility that my Thymus gland will still shrink to normal size. I am still awaiting a call from him as he will also discuss this internally, but he already stated that I will most likely also need to get a PET scan. Meanwhile I also contacted a radiotherapist focused on the cardiothoracic area from a third hospital and she told me that enlarged Thymus glands are often detected on CT scans but in many cases do not require surgery.

    In the end I am currently kind of confused. All just seems to be too much of a coincidence to me. My question to you is if anyone has any experience with an enlarged Thymus, especially in relation to testicular cancer. I just have the feeling that there should be a relation between my testicular cancer and the Thymus gland, but perhaps any of you knows. Any advice or information would help me a lot. Many thanks!