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Are superficial lymph node swellings ever TV related?

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  • Are superficial lymph node swellings ever TV related?

    Had a second seminoma last spring. Stage 1, two followup scans so far show no spread. Surveillance only.

    Only odd thing is, the lymph node near my I/O scar seems larger. Sometimes hard to tell, almost like it changes in size. My followup team is in another city and remote due to covid the two times I went for scans. Oncologist however emphasizes that inguinal spread is extremely rare with seminoma. Local urologist palpated, he thought one might be bigger and I should extend CT to there. But then on another check it didn’t seem bigger. (Oncologist says radiation increases with an extended ct and I have a fair bit of radiation with 2x surveillance from 2x seminoma)

    I figured they would check that in october in office visit. But, I also noticed three other nodes:

    * a hard thing on right side of perineum. Feels like a lymph node though
    * A very tiny one in left abdomen I just noticed. Unlike others it is harder and uncomfortable to touch. Is new so could be temporary
    * Found another on my right leg, near groin

    This most recent surgery was on my right side. None of these are larger than a cm. Probably more like 0.5-0.75 for one near I/0 scar, others more like 0.25 cm.

    Any of this sound remotely seminoma related? I can mention them to my oncologist but wanted to ask here first. Also may see family doctor to have her check.

    I should note that I haven’t had a habit of checking all lymph nodes until surgery so can’t say if I usually had anything like this. Stomach one feels most unusual of the lot

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    To me, extending the CT to include the pelvis for a one-time scan would present a favorable benefit-risk ratio and I would not be worried by the additional small fraction of radiation.

    A recent abstract from the American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancer Symposium showed a 6% chance of isolated pelvic relapse with seminoma, so rare, yes, but impossible, especially when feeling something, no.

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