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First Appointment with Oncologist

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  • First Appointment with Oncologist

    HI All,

    Had my first appointment with my team of Oncologists today. Went fairly smoothly, but looking for some feedback or others that experienced a similar situation. My original diagnosis was pT1a seminoma. My CT scan showed one enlarged lymph node. Oncologist says its about 1cm in size. In his eyes, its borderline so as a next step he wants me to have another CT scan in 6 weeks. He said the node may be enlarged due to my surgery. He wants to reassess. If it shrinks, it will be surveillance. If it gets larger then he will discuss either Radiation or Chemo (depending o the size). He doesn't have any other scans to compare the node to so he feels this is the best next step, which I agree with. He sent me for more bloodwork and everything is within the proper ranges, so no concern there. He also wants their own pathologists to retest the testicle to confirm the original diagnosis. Of course he did remind me that if it is enlarged and further treatment is needed, that the cure rate is fairly high. Basically if it shrinks I'll be classified stage 1, if it gets larger, stage 2.

    Anyone have a similar experience? Anyone where the node did go down in size on the next scan? I'm staying very positive on this but just like to hear from others.

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    Hi Radz, I don't have experience with a node, but it sounds like you've got a lot of good indicators in terms of the bloodwork. I'll be thinking of you as the results come in. Good luck!
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      I might be wrong, but I seem to recall that with seminoma, the cutoff is 2 cm. Borderline nodes are the hardest to deal with because the path forward is uncertain, but it seems your doc has a plan that should make sure you don't get over-treated, but will get you treatment in a timely manor if it's needed. Keep us posted as you lean more.
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        If it were me and I had a node at 1 cm and the CT was done after the orchiectomy and my markers were negative then I'd want to have a CT redone at 6 weeks so I think that it sounds like a good plan. From what I have seen about 40% of guys with borderline solitary nodes (i.e. around 1 cm or a bit bigger) will end up having the node shrink back down and can avoid further treatment. In my mind the more conservative approach or wait a bit and se makes more sense than rushing into treatments that may not be needed.

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