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    Hello Guys
    I believe that every TC- CA patient is a cure and hope for the other patients so i like to share my story with you , also i would like to hear your opinions and recomm.
    12.06.2019 woke up and feeling hardening right testicle
    12.06.2019 color doppler ultrasanography result '' 46 mm heterogen area inside of right testicle''
    12.06.2019 Afp :14,32 b-HCG1,20 LDH:350
    18.06.2019 I/O
    28.06.2019 Pathology Report ''6 cm Pure Seminoma Tumor,Only in Albuginea No invasion ''
    03.07.2019 Afp :12,94 b-HCG1,20 LDH:248
    04.07.2016 CT with Contrast '' Clear''
    Pre Decision '' To complete 2 months after surgery''
    20.08.2019 Afp :19,15 b-HCG1,20 LDH:250
    29.08.2019 F-18 FDG PET/CT '' non hypermetabolic malignancy''
    29.08.2019 Afp :14,01 b-HCG1,20 LDH:188
    After FDG PET/CT my oncologist decided my mildly elevated aFP possibly hereditary and so he offered me to choose surveilance or 2 cycles of carboplatin.Elevated aFP in seminonas are rare so we asked re-examination of pathology and results was same '' Pure Seminoma no invasion''.I choose surveilance and my protocol is regular blood tests chest x-ray and DCE MRI in every 3 moths
    11.09.2019 Afp :15,64
    27.09.2019 Afp :13,09
    08.10.2019 Afp :14,15
    24.10.2019 Afp :14,30
    29.10.2019 Chest X Ray '' Clear''
    14.11.2019 Afp :18,66
    21.11.2019 Afp :13,30
    29.11.2019 DCE MRI '' No evidence of residual or recurrent disease, no lymphadenopathy or evidence of metastasis"
    09.12.2019 Afp :16,86
    26.12.2019 Afp :12,28
    Thank you all
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    well, you AFP is higher than normal, but under the 25 that is considered the point where they assume TC is back. It's probably safe to assume you are one of those who run high naturally, but be sure they keep monitoring regularly going forward. A steady rise is what will signal problems, your up & down results probably mean nothiing.
    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP