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Chemo on hold (blood conditions and chemo)

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  • Chemo on hold (blood conditions and chemo)

    Hi Guys

    just thought I would put a little info up about how my treatment has been affected over the last week as I’m now considered a rare case and a head scratcher for the docs here 😂

    i did my first three day cycle all went good.

    have since been hit with severe anemia with red blood count dropping to 54. 80 is when transfusions would be required with 120-150 been the expected normal.

    i have a blood condition called Hereditary Sphercytosis the result been prone to Haemolytic anaemia. This is an anemia that is caused due the body’s own immune system actively destroying the red blood cells. B12 deficiency been a factor to this anaemia as opposed to Iron deficiency. Other conditions may cause this such as sickle cell disease I believe

    One factor in haemolytic anaemia is enlarged spleen and as part of chemo G-CSF drugs are often used to assist in preventing neutropenia. Unfortunately these drugs all have the same side effect of causing enlargement of the spleen. Which whilst not conclusive as a factor my anaemia the docs have agreed would be safer to proceed without.

    My other blood counts ie white cells are low also but not anymore than would be considered par for the course the chemo received. Which is good news.

    The main factor to postpone my Bleomycin cycles for now is not the Red blood count but the fact that anaemia effects kidney function also and with reduced kidney function this increases the risks of experiencing Bleomycin toxicity. The main focus is to get me fit enough to not miss the next Three day dose of all e drugs with any missed Bleomycin been picked up later.

    Just thought I would post this in case of use to anyone in future.

    much love