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  • Beta hCG normal level


    It has been some time since I posted here last.

    In case you are interested in my story, you will find it here:

    Now for the reason I am posting again after being a quiet reader for some years:

    My blood tests have always been in the clear since the end of 2014 (basically that is when I finished my chemo) and I always go to the same doctor (and the same lab) for the blood tests.

    The lab states the reference value for Beta hCG (ECLIA) as <3.0 U/L and so far the results have always been at <0.2 U/L, sometimes even at <0.1 U/L.

    Back in 2016 and 2017 it happened that the results were stated as 0.2 U/L in two consecutive months and a few weeks later even as 0.4 U/L, then back to <0.2 U/L.

    Now, at the end of 2020 the Beta hCG was at 0.2 U/L (November), 0.3 U/L (December), 0.2 U/L (January) and now 0.3 U/L again in February.

    What do you guys think? Is this a normal thing to happen with Beta hCG?

    I know these are minor fluctuations and there are reference ranges for a reason but then I also read that Beta hCG should not be detectable at all in men and I also found this study, which shows that the vast majority of men have a level of <0.1 U/L:

    The other tumor markers are well within range and scans in October 2020 were all clear.

    Thank you for reading my post and for any input you might have.

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    Hello, Chris.
    I know how unnerving these numbers can be, it's normal to feel anxious sometimes when you get a slightly higher reading.

    While it's true that there are plenty of men with undetectable hcg, many men produce hcg in small quantities and that is perfectly fine. You seem to be of the second type. There is nothing unusual in having small detectable quantities of beta hcg in your blood within the reference range. Also, being the first or the second type is not a predictor of relapse as far as I know.

    It is unlikely for cancer to "flunctuate". If those small elevations were due to TC, they wouldn't have gone down, or stayed the same for such a long time. Your hcg would've gone up substantially over the course of a month.

    I don't think you should be too concerned at this point. Also, a lot of time has passed and I believe a relapse now is very unlikely. Of course, keep an eye on your tumor markers but don't read too much into those small flunctuations. It will give you peace of mind.
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    round 2 hcg - 830, down to 40 then rising
    round 3 hcg - 72, down to 15 then rising
    round 4 hcg - 542, down to 7
    HDC regimen SWENOTECA IV 03/19
    round 1 hcg ~1500, down to 1.14 then rising
    round 2 hcg ~100, down to <0.1
    All clear 06/19. Remission.


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      Here's what the TCRC dictionary has to say:
      [QUOTE} Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), beta subunit - In adults, significant elevation of levels of beta HCG occurs only during pregnancy and in patients with trophoblastic neoplasms or nonseminomatous germ cell tumors. As a result, it is used as a tumor marker. Essentially, 100 per cent of patients with trophoblastic tumors and 40-60 per cent of patients with nonseminomatous germ cell tumors, including all patients with choriocarcinoma, 80% of patients with embryonal carcinoma, and 10-25% of patients with pure seminoma are diagnosed with elevated levels of beta HCG. The serum half life of beta hCG is 24 to 36 hours, which implies that elevated concentrations should return to normal within 5 to 7.5 days after surgery if all tumor is removed. Please note that the normal HCG level is usually less than 5 miu/ml. Also note that the HCG level can become elevated (falsely positive) due to abnormally low levels of testosterone or because of marijuana use. [/QUOTE]

      So your levels are not concerning, assuming you don't use MJ, you might want to get you T level checked.
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