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pc-RPLND for <1cm node?

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  • pc-RPLND for <1cm node?

    Has anyone else struggled with the decision to do a RPLND surgery on a <1cm residual node (after 3xBEP)? MSKCC recommends surgery. Indy does not.

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    It is a topic of debate that a room full of the top testis cancer experts in the world could never come to consensus on. You made the perfect point, MSKCC says surgery and IU say surveillance. Both are right and both are wrong as both have world renowned programs with beyond exceptional outcomes. It is an incredibly hard decision indeed. Back maybe 6 years ago both published data in the same edition of a journal on what was better for good risk disease BEPx3 or EPx4. That is another frustrating debate without consensus.

    I think I would weight it a bit on my personality and lifestyle. Can I live with the waiting and seeing? Will I "beat myself up" if I relapse? If I relapse in a year can I stop life and get more treatments or is it best to keep with treatments now? Do I really want to try to avoid surgery or further chemotherapy? Those kind of things.

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      One other thought. How long after BEP was done, was the CT test done? My 1st post chemo CT was fairly close to end of treatment & showed a reduced node, that the next CT it was gone.
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