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Single dose Carboplatin Monday

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  • Single dose Carboplatin Monday

    I had my single dose, Monday. Steroids, then anti-nausea, then the carboplatin (AUC7). Anti-nausea meds definitely help. Yesterday, I felt a bit tired but generally good. Started to notice slight ear-ringing, but nothing too bothersome or above what I've had before after some loud, fast downhill bike rides. I only noticed a metallic taste after brushing my teeth, and then only for a short time.

    Today, I feel a bit more clumsy than usual and cognitive function is definitely impaired. Took me three tries to do this morning's medium sudoku puzzle and I couldn't even copy my checking account # onto a deposit slip. Had to let the teller do it.
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    12/01/09 Found small lump
    12/17/09 Dx TC
    12/21/09 R I/O
    12/29/09 100% Seminoma, Stage I, no invasion
    02/01/10 Single-dose Carboplatin (AUC7)
    02/02/10 Treatment Experience

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    Week One Summary
    Highlights: mild nausea, reduced cognitive function, mild neurological

    First couple of days, all effects were at their most severe, but everything was manageable.

    Nausea lasted on (mostly) and off through five days. Never threw-up, but I credit the excellent anti-nausea medication they gave me and which I took carefully. I ate bland foods and soups, nothing too complicated to digest. I stayed away from stressful situations (arguments/debates, driving somewhere late, etc.), nauseous making, too.

    Other neurological issues lasting a couple of days: some clumsiness, ability to concentrate, slight ear-ringing (don't blast those earbuds), slight taste changes, slight odor changes.

    I worked out every other day starting Wednesday (two days after Carbo) -- light cardio and low weights, plus a soak in the hot-tub at the gym. Something to get my blood and digestion moving. Also, to encourage me to drink more fluids.

    Tuesday (~20 hours after Carbo), I was just plain stupid. I couldn't copy a checking account number onto a bank deposit slip and I utterly failed three times to do that day's two-star Sudoku puzzle. Wednesday, I started taking B-Vitamins. Thursday, I had to prepare a complicated document and interruptions were making me forget (short term memory was gone), but I managed to get through it just fine. By Friday, I was doing the five-star puzzle in about 25 minutes, not far off my usual time.

    Saturday (day 5), I noticed I was short of breath if I spoke quickly. By Saturday evening, I went out with some friends for good food and some beers (really good Stout). Felt better Sunday morning than I'd felt all week.

    Sunday (day 6), I grew tired walking up a slight hill (1 mile), although I still worked out that day. Nausea was completely gone. Neurological effects almost completely gone.

    Week 2: Expectations

    I'm told that anemia, infection and blood not clotting are all issues this week. I'm using shortness of breath as a proxy for all of these (assuming all of my blood factors rise and fall in a similar fashion). The past weekend (days 5/6) I noticed I felt as if I'm visiting the top of a ski mountain - doing anything means harder breathing, but it's not unpleasant.

    I've been very careful about washing my hands and steering clear of anyone coughing or sneezing.

    Since Saturday (day 5), I started eating red meat at least once per day with the intent of boosting my iron.

    Right now (day 8), I feel fantastic. I think working out has done wonders for my current state. I'm not sure if this is the normal pattern for a single-dose of Carboplatin, but unless I trend far down energy-wise over the next few days or catch my daughter's cold, I think recovery will be pretty straightforward from here on out.
    12/01/09 Found small lump
    12/17/09 Dx TC
    12/21/09 R I/O
    12/29/09 100% Seminoma, Stage I, no invasion
    02/01/10 Single-dose Carboplatin (AUC7)
    02/02/10 Treatment Experience


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      I am glad to hear you feel "Fantastic". I know you will just fine from here on out. Make sure you stay on top of your surviellance. Never slack on that, if not for yourself, for your little girl.

      Keep us posted on how you are doing.

      We all can't wait for that "ALL CLEAR"

      Diagnosed 4/17/08
      Right orchiectomy 4/18/08
      Pure choriocarcinoma; HCG 715,000; lungs, lymphnodes, liver, and random other places
      4X VIP chemo at IU with Dr. Einhorn 4/25/08-7/4/08
      HCG down to 7.2 10/28/08
      HCG back up to 198 12/29/08
      1 X PVB 1/2/09-1/6/09
      2 X HDC w/ stem cell rescue 2/4/09-3/14/09
      Follow-up with Dr. Einhorn 4/22/09
      HCG 1.2
      3 rounds, 21 days, twice daily, VP-16 50mg 4/24/09-7/10/09


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        Glad you're feeling good after such a short period.

        I had the single dose last Jan and it knocked me sideways.

        I found the anti nausea stuff actually made me worse, so after three days, I gave up on them and felt much much better!

        I found days 4 through around 10 after single dose about the worse in terms of that lousy feeling, lethargic, inability to concentrate, and days 10 to 20, because of the lack of energy you sit around doing not a lot, then you find your sleep patterns go to pot! so you end up going to bed at 5am some days as you've been up since around 9am the previous day.

        One benefit of the process, I managed to get to level-55 on Call of Duty 4. Keeping my brain active wasnt a problem after a couple of weeks.

        I went back to work after 20 days in the end, as it took a good week or more to get my sleep-awake-sleep cycle into a rhythm compatable with a 9 to 5 routine again.


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          thanks for posting your experiences. I will be starting 2X Carbo next month and I am getting a little nervous. Hearing stories about others helps.
          2/1/10 examined by GP, Ultrasound, TC Diagnosed
          2/2/10 Saw GU and had CT and markers drawn,
          2/3/10 Left I/O, only bHcg elevated at 12, CT A/P normal no lymph node involvement at this time.
          2/8/10 bHcg redrawn and back to normal
          2/10/10 Path shows Classic Seminomo with clear margins.
          8cm X 3.7cm X 3.5cm
          Start 2X Carbo on 3/5/10


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            Week 2: Summary

            Feel great, all things considered. Gym workouts really help fight off a lot. I had some lethargy, but didn't nap. I did take it easy, got to bed early. Pulmonary capacity is not there, yet - I'm sure the low RBC is the cause. I may post a Week 3 summary, but if I don't, it's safe to assume it wasn't worth it.
            12/01/09 Found small lump
            12/17/09 Dx TC
            12/21/09 R I/O
            12/29/09 100% Seminoma, Stage I, no invasion
            02/01/10 Single-dose Carboplatin (AUC7)
            02/02/10 Treatment Experience


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              Thanks very much for your posts. Hope you're back to 100%. Let us know.

              I just got the same diagnosis yesterday. They seem to be pushing the 1 round of carbo these days. Back when I had seminoma 22 years ago, it was radiation. My urologist said the chemo was like having the flu for a weekend, so it's really helpful to hear from someone who's actually experienced the one round--granted that everyone's reaction will differ.




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                Week 3: Summary

                Pretty much same as week 2. Ramped up workout intensity slightly. Vague nausea, almost distant nausea. Not sure what it's from, but my head was a little cloudy. I'd chalk it up to chemobrain or slight feeling of imbalance. Got on road bike for the first time in a while and had a good ride, no balance problems there.

                Still slightly clumsy, but my wife would probably tell you that's normal.

                Just because it was bothering me, I took one of those on-line IQ tests. I didn't get any dumber, at least for whatever those tests are worth.

                Doc appointment today went well. Set up regular schedule for surveillance and I put the reminders to make appointments in my calendar.

                I really appreciate this forum and website. It's a fantastic resource, both for research and support. Well run and informative.

                Thank you all.

                12/01/09 Found small lump
                12/17/09 Dx TC
                12/21/09 R I/O
                12/29/09 100% Seminoma, Stage I, no invasion
                02/01/10 Single-dose Carboplatin (AUC7)
                02/02/10 Treatment Experience


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                  had my first carboplatin friday 26 36 hours from leaving hospital....feel a bit nauseas ,(but had that most of time anyway),massive bruise from dopey
                  but do have a bruise.feel tired but apart from that feel fine.

                  __________________________________________________ ________________________
                  classic seminoma stage 2a with lymphovascular invasion
                  4cm node in paraartic strip
                  2 x carbo then radiation therapy(dont know how much yet waiting for outcome of carbo first,or so they say.)
                  first carbo 1100mg in 500 ml ........26 feb 2010


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                    I'm sitting in a chair at Dana Farber with my second dose of Carbo being pumped into my arm as I type this. Hoping round two is as utterly uneventful as my first experience earlier this month!

                    Happy Holiday to all!
                    "If you don't try, you will never know how much you suck."

                    Help sponsor my Pan Mass Challenge ride for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute
                    for info please visit:

                    Confirming ultrasound 10/14/10
                    Left I/O 10/18/10
                    Contained Classic Seminoma
                    CT & PET Scans clear
                    2X Carbo in December
                    Surveillance - So far so good!


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                      TC Recovery

                      G'day first time post for me. Just thought i would share my progress with everyone seeing as over the past few weeks i have been reading some of your stories and it has helped me to know what i was up against.

                      Start of July: Ultrasound found a small lump on the top of my left testicle. Had blood tests and then went for a full body CAT scan. Scan came back clear for the rest of my body. Met with my specialist and was advised that i would need to have surgery.

                      Mid July: Went into hospital for a left radical orchiectomy (with prosthetic insertion). Stayed in hospital for a couple of days and was pretty well looked after. First week following surgery it was hard to crouch when going to the toilet and getting in and out of bed was difficult. Second week i began to move around more with less pain....also was having sex with my gf but had to take it pretty slow lol. By the third week i was driving my car and hobbling around a lot easier. Fourth week i was back at work doing light duties.

                      Fifth week following surgey: Had to return to hospital for more surgery to have the prosthesis removed as it had become infected and was starting to extrude from the skin (very uncomfortable). Recovery from this surgery was not as long because they were able to remove it through my ball sack. If you are thinking about getting a prosthetic just for looks then i suggest against it. #1 it never sits in the right place #2 It's very uncomfortable #3 it doesn't feel right #4 there is a chance it will have to be removed or replaced at some point. I am happy with just having one now! It is much more comfortable, you can only notice it when you look very closely and my gf had no problem with it at all

                      Early August: Had my follow up appointment with my specialist and was advised that the biopsy was STAGE 1 SEMINOMA, no spread outside the testicle or up the spermatic cord.

                      Oncology appointment 06/09/2012: Was given options of radio therapy, single dose carboplatin or observation as a preventative. Chose single dose of carboplatin.

                      Chemo day 11/09/2012: Inserted IV and began pumping carboplatin into my body. Was not a very pleasant experience. It didn't hurt much but my arm went very cold and the thought of it was the most unpleasant part.

                      Chemo Recovery: First three days i was very tired and nauseous. Slept a lot during the day and night but still felt like it didn't take away the fatigue. Had to take my nausea pills half an hour before every meal to get my food down. Drank about 5 litres or more of water every day and 6 cups of green tea (highly recommend for flushing out toxins) but didn't have a huge appetite.

                      Day 4: Nausea started settling down and appetite began to return slowly. Still felt pretty tired most days but walking around and doing a bit more now. Had slight ringing in ears, vision a little blury and disyness but that would come and go.

                      Day 5: Nausea and fatigue pretty well completely gone and starting to feel normal again.

                      Day 6: Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling my energy levels increasing. Most symptoms are gone

                      Day 7: Feeling just about 100%

                      Current: Did a small work out last night (push ups, crunches etc) and felt pretty good afterward. Going to the gym tonight so i will see how that goes? Have my follow up appointment with my Oncologist on October 11th.

                      Will keep you updated from here on.....hope this helps other blokes going through a similar situation.

                      Cheers, Jase