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5th Day of RPLND Recovery

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  • 5th Day of RPLND Recovery

    Hey everybody,

    I'm sitting here in my hospital bed with my laptop and I just wanted to post my status and thoughts about my RPLND thus far.

    The surgery itself went well. No compications, no retrograde. There was one slight mishap in that a nerve associated with my kidney was severed and now operates at only 90 percent, an occurence that my doctor informed me was of little to no consequence.

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    As far as my personal reactions go, the first couple days after were pretty horrible. When I got out of surgery in the recovery room I was having these severe shakes from the anesthesia. Also, during these few days I was experiencing the most intense muscle spasms. If I would breathe in too much, at an odd rythym, or contorted myself in a certain way, my entire chest area would seize up in the most excruciating pain that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

    I've had some stomach issues pot-op as well. I could only consume ice for about 3 days which was terrible. However, my liquid diet days have been characterized by much bloating and pain. I've only this evening just begun to tolerate water and juice. I have been having many bowel movements as well, all of which are liquid in nature, not fun.

    Has anybody else had these kind of stomach problems? Any thoughts? Insights? People going through the same thing? I'm starting to get bored out of my mind here and can't wait to get out of this freakin' hospital so I apologize if this post was trivial or boring.

    Take care


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      I hope things get better as time goes. I have not been through it and i am hoping to pass up the surgery with chemo but time will tell. and is one of my 2 biggest fears right now. how ever I understand the boredom work will not allow me to go in during my chemo weeks. I have been stuck at home all week and would kill for a little company. or entertainment. so if you would like someone to vent to or chat with by all means pm whenever you'd like I would like to know more about the recovery as it gose on.

      3/29/10 went to ER pain and swelling in testie
      4/07/10 found out about tc
      4/12/10 L i/o 1.3x1.3x1.9 teratoma, chorio
      5/3/10 start 3x BEP
      5/24/10 switch to 4xep off bleo do to lung clots
      7/9/10 end of chemo
      1/1/11 off the blood thinners
      10/11 year and 3 months clear


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        Tommorow is day 5 post RPLND for me. Overall, I've found it to be a pretty smooth recovery so far. I had the surgery at 8 am on Thursday and I leave the hospital tommorow morning. I've been moved to soft foods after showing good bowel functions, but I'm eating lightly just to take it easy. The pain from this surgery isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, and aside from a sore back from sleeping on a hospital matress, I've been sleeping relativley well. I've got to say, I was expecting this to be a lot more difficult than it has been so far, which I'm relieved for. the best news is that no suspicious lookig lymph
        nodes were seen during the surgery, so I'm hoping and praying the path report coles back negative. At the end of the day, I'm glad I went with the surgery instead of just surveillance.
        4/7 Dx AFP 43 bHCG 3.2
        4/12 Left I/O
        Tumor 3 x 3 cm Stage IB NSGCT LVI
        (60% Teratoma, 30% Yolk Sac, 10% Embryonal)
        4/27 AFP 3.5 bHCG <2
        5/27 O-RPLND Bilateral.
        39 Nodes removed, All Clear!


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          So how are things going for you now that you're almost 3 weeks post-op?
          5/4/2010 - Diagnosed with TC
          5/20/2010 - Right I/O - 1.8cm - no LVI - 70% Seminoma - 30% EC - Less than 1% Teratoma - Stage 1A
          6/7/2010 - RPLND Scheduled. Oncologist requested for second opinion.
          6/15/2010 - Oncologist seen and Chemo not an option for stage 1A.
          7/6/2010 - Right sided template RPLND - Surgeon Dr. Stephenson(Huntsman Cancer Center)
          7/12/2010 - Pathology clean on surveillance.
          11/11/2010 - Clean