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  • NailFace
    replied to Nervous
    Like Dave says, stop fiddling with it, you'll make it swell up. Can you ask for an ultrasound? easy to do and will totally put your mind at rest. A few hard bits at the back in the squishy bit is normal, just go and get it scanned anyway to be sure. Most lumps and bumps are fine, they're supposed...
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  • I know undecended testicles increase the risk, hence why i said i'm not sure i qualify due to having it in both testicles, my point was along the lines of what Profion was saying that modern diets increase the development of cancer and i have to agree....
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  • Thanks for your reply, do you know of any specific products i can mention that are available for me in the UK? My GP wasn't keen on doing anything without the oncologists advice. should i try and get refereed to an endocrinologist and bypass this 3 way argument i always go through? Thank you for...
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  • I'm not sure i qualify because I've used creatine for years, and whey and other protein products plus flax seed, green tea powder, literally every legal powder or potion. I also had double undecended testicles as a young guy. I agree with Profion, the world of convenience, microwave foods, oven ready...
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  • ​DMac, i really hope you're doing well, could you give us an update when you feel up to it? The guys on here are really awesome, they know their stuff better than a lot of doctors I've met here in the UK. I really wish we had the excellence (but not the cost) of your doctors, trying to find...
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  • Nebido?

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice/guidance. I've been a long time visitor, just not much of a poster so hopefully this will tell you that i'm kinda feeling desperate. I'm almost 5 years clear from TC, 5 years this month actually, I had to go onto Testosterone replacement a few months after my orchidectomy....
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