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  • Vpirh is correct if you have two or one testicle(s) and start taking exogenous testosterone they will eventually stop producing it naturally after a while, unless you are also taking HCG. This is usually why some people feel awesome at first because the body hasn't shutdown natural production and you...
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  • 350mg per week? That is a lot of testosterone considering the average normal healthy young male makes about 6-8 mg per day. Yes there is going to be some loss with any exogenous testosterone, but no where near needing 350mg per week. Everyone reacts different to different doses but most guys that...
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  • Was on 3-4 pumps of androgel 1.62% for 3 years. Worked ok at best, but after awhile the gel dried out my skin and wasn’t absorbing well. Lots of low T high E symptoms. Went to cypionate shots last year 100mg a week split into x2 weekly shots every 3.5 days. After a month or so getting leveled out...
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  • Fellow x2 TC survivor. After second I/o went on a Androgel for almost 3 years. It was ok for me at best but always had elevated E2 and SHBG and low free T. Was on the 1.62% 3-4 pumps and it was a lot of up and down with mood and energy always sucked. Bloated with about 15lbs of water and got some minor...
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