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  • Update: I went to my regular doctor this morning and explained everything that has been going on. She decided to check and see if my blood work had returned from labs yet since I was there 3 weeks ago for a yearly physical. My WBC is elevated, and that paired with the lump and testicular discomfort...
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  • I just got out of the shower, and decided to do another self-exam since it had been a few days. I feel what feels like a new lump, but also my testicle feels shrunken. The best way I can describe my testicle now is an irregular shape with three bumps. After hearing your experiences, and the similarities...
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  • Singa76, did the pain tend to fluctuate throughout the day, or was it a constant? And thanks for getting back to me, and sharing you expience. I will never forget the morning after the surgery. Not fun at all. Lol.
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  • The bump is located on the bottom right of my right testicule. Within the past 6 hours it has began to swell along with pain, so I am considering heading to ER if ibuprofen doesn't help. I know it's not torsion, nor a cyst due to experiencing both. The pain is more achy.
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  • Seeking information about possible lump

    I don't normally extend this far out for information, but I'm becoming desperate. I am a relatively healthy 19 year old. A little over two weeks ago I discovered a small, almost grain sized, lump on my right testicle. The bump itself is almost jagged, and very hard. The surrounding area of the bump...
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