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  • Day 6: not a huge change from yesterday. Still feel a bit run down and slightly unwell. My appetite seems OK. I have found that eating actually helps settle my stomach a bit. Energy levels are still pretty average but perhaps slightly improved. Overall still functioning OK. Have driven the car a few...
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  • Hi Onenutpete... Sorry to hear you're going through something similar. Yeah it's definitely a tough decision. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts a lot of it comes down to your own personal comfort level with regards to the risks. All the best with whatever you decide.

    Day 5: feeling...
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  • Yeah it's the micro-mets that are the concern, and generally the reason why someone opts for adjuvant treatment... Because it's not known if any rogue cells have settled somewhere else already. Showing up on CT and/or tumour markers is too late... Food for thought.

    Day 4: still feeling...
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  • Day 3: Feeling pretty average today, as I kind-of expected to. Taste buds are still off a bit. Appetite has eased off and have hiccups and a little heart burn. Feel a bit lethargic and basically a little unwell. Light headedness and queasiness and still present but only very mild. Overall none of the...
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  • Hi John, nice to meet you. Yes only the one dose for me. I have read quite a lot of research about the adjuvant treatments. There are schools of thought regarding doing 1 or 2 doses for adjuvant. For me the risk profile was 10%-15% for relapse or about 5%-7% if I had the single dose. Apparently two...
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  • Carboplatin single dose experience

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first post to the forum. I've been on for a little while and thought it might be good to share my experience with my treatment so that it can inform others who are going through the same thing.

    To give some context, I had surgery in June 2017...
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