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  • Navi
    commented on a Visitor Message From Navi
    Ok sir thank you very much i'll do soon. I'll pray that since it was there since i was 16 its benign. Thank you sir
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  • Navi
    Navi posted a Visitor Message for Davepet
    Hindir davepet, im so sorry if i am messaging you. Its just that im really scared as hell right now. Im from the philippines and this is not a common thing here. But im looking for a urologist right now. But sir do you think theres a probability that a benign tumor can also cause an enlargement of a...
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  • Thank you sir davepet. Yes i'll get an appointement with my doctor. Im getting really paranoid lately and i dont know if what im feeling are symptoms of tc. I recalled that when i was in highschool i noticed that my right testicle is slightly larger than my left but i ingnored it during that time. But...
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  • Ok sir thank you i'll grt an appointment asap. But sir would it be possible that (fingers crossed) this is a benign mass? And if it is, could a benign mass also grow and has the same manifestation or symptoms as a malignant one? Because as far as i could remember my right testes sometimes feels pain...
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  • small grain since 13 yrs old. Please help

    Good day everyone please help me, im being paranoid lately, wait here's the full story, when i was i think 13 yrs old i felt something on my right testes which felt like a small grain or like a small green pea, so since im very young during those times i didnt mind it. But i think during my college...
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