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  • cancer be gone

    Hi. My fiance' is wary about going to get a second opinion. We had the testicle removed and the tests showed that it was cancer. Now we're on surveillance but I'm not sure we're dong enough. Any thoughts?

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    My son's friend who is only 22 years of age has had testicle cancer since his teens. He has been given 6 months to live but not the first time. He has survived through those before. This time radiation is not working and the want to give him an experimental drug. The problem is OHIP will not cover since it is experimental. I am looking for financial assistance on his behalf. There must be some organization that will help him. We live in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I can't believe that an experimental drug would not be covered. He is a great kid. Has no parental support. I have offered for him to come live with us during his treatment so he doesn't have to pay rent. He is currently working but he sounds weak and doesn't know how long he can stay working. I have tears in my eyes for this child he is very hard working and always been there to help. He actually was the hardest worker moving my parents from their home to an apartment. Can someone please help me help this child?


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      I am about a month out from my RLPND and the Dr. wants to do more chemotheropy. Is this normal? Do your tumor markers vary for a while after your RLPND?


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        Probably doing the right thing depending on the staging
        Surveillance for stage 1 is best and if the joker does come back, you will always have Chemo to kick it to hell and not back