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  • New Member, Though wish I wasn't

    Aged at 37, I was diagnosed with lump in my left testicular, when I was doing a pregnancy test on March 1st, 2021, in Bejing, China. My wife and I just get married in last December, and we wanted to have a baby. That's why I went for the pregnancy test.

    The doctor at andrology department ordered a test my semen and an ultrasound for testicles. That's the point when two lumps in my lefty. 2CM*1.7CM and 0.5CM*0.4CM. An ultrasound contrast was immediately ordered, and the lumps were confirmed. The doctor highly suspected the lumps to be seminoma and ordered blood test, as well as contrast-enhanced CT for lungs and abdomen. Blood test result; AFP 2, HCG<0.01, LDH 160. I didn't do the CT scans, but went to another hospital in Beijing specialized in tumor.

    On March 5th, I did the blood test again. AFP 2.3, HCG<0.01. I did another ultrasound, and the result suggested that the smaller lump to be cyst. I banked my sperm on March 6th and March 8th, based on my oncologist's advice. On March 9th, enhances MRI scan was conducted, and the result suggested to be seminoma. On March 11th, enhanced CT on abdomen and normal CT on lungs were conducted, showing both normal.

    I was hospitalized on March 15th, and had lefty removed on 16th. The pathology was seminoma, with no invasion on epididymis or spermatic cord. I was told to be under surveillance and went for blood tests and CT scans every 3 months.

    Now, I am actually in anxiety and I can sometimes feels pain on pubis on both sides. I am very afraid of a recurrence with a low mood.

    In the forum, I really appreciate the information you guys shared and I learned a lot about my situation. I am currently waiting for the next doctor appoint, and hope that would clear some clouds in my mind.

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    Post surgery pain is common. I would not be concerned this close to your I/O
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      I agree with Dave. Pains are not uncommon and given our diagnosis, every pain our minds relate back to the cancer. If it is really bothering you or interfering with your daily activities, then I would certainly mention it to you doctor so that they might be able to figure out what is causing it. But, I personally would not be concerned that it is the cancer as the scans were just all clear.

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        Thanks, Dave and Mike. Really appreciate your answers.