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Using THC or CBG before/during/after treatment.

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    My oncologist was pretty straightforward with it. He said if I partook to just to let him to know how much to compensate my HCG readings accordingly and that basically if I didn't, and the chemo symptoms presented, Marinol would be options. We spent more time talking about contraindications of grapefruit than about the negativity of weed.


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      I was going through my 3xBEP at the time of the last post on this thread, and didnt have the energy to post at the time, and haven't been watching ithe forums much sense then.

      McIntoda--I'd like to here more about the cancer summit, is there any New research that supports the link between hen and cannabis use?
      During my treatment the prescription anti nausea drugs did not help me, but cannabis (eddible) did. So i used quite a bit of cannabis, but still had a non-detect hcg during and after treatment. This, and the reports of others to this forum, makes me sceptical of the reported link--i want to know what research actually supports the reported association.


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        Marijuana can suppress (slow or slightly shrink improving) a cancerous tumor growth, but it can not just get rid of cancer in general. I read about a study done that sometimes people with cancer 'spontaneously' get better(spontaneous remission) (weed wasn't a factor obviously and it's very rare). This apparently almost exclusively happens in the very early stages of cancer (such as if you detected at stage 0) since apparently early on the cancer cells still have the ability to 'revert' and correct its course. I bring this up, because marijuana shrinks tumors. I feel like cannabis might increase the chance of spontaneous remission(due to shrinkage body is able to better fight), however, not to the point it's clinically significant as a 'main' treatment option (think like from 0.05% to 0.10%). It's worth mentioning because I feel the best way to use cannabis for cancer is in COMBINATION with modern treatment options. People who refuse treatment to just take cbd and thc are living in fantasy land of that 0.10% option. The ONLY reason I even accept this idea is that there have been proven reported cases of people using marijuana without other treatment, only to get better. However, whether or not the cannabis played a role other than placebo and just letting the body work, I don't know. If you want medical marijuana to help with your symptoms discuss it with a sympathetic doctor that has experience with medical marijuana
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