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oral vs IV etoposide

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  • oral vs IV etoposide

    Getting ready to start 3xBEP on Monday and found out from my Cancer Center today that there is a national shortage of etoposide and they don't have enough IV available so will administer it orally instead. My understanding is you get twice the dose due to absorption. I'm hearing there is no "known" additional risk / symptoms with oral. Anyone know anything about this?

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    Afraid I do not, also I was unaware of any shortage of IV etoposide.

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      What did you do curious.
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        Where are you being treated? If not at one already, have they consulted with a center of excellence on the appropriateness of oral instead of IV administration?

        Unfortunately, drug shortages are relatively common now a days and even in the most extreme shortages there is usually a way to get the medication needed (although sometimes it may not be). I spent 20 years working in hospital pharmacy departments and with some effort the meds are usually obtainable (but again, I am not personally familiar with the current situation).

        Do you know what the facility has done to try to obtain product for you? Have they called the specific manufacturer for a patient specific drop ship if they can't get it from their regular wholesaler? Have they called their wholesaler and asked for drop shipments? Have they tried alternative suppliers? Have they caledl all of the local facilities and asked to borrow the medication from their stock?

        At this point you need the drug every 3 weeks and the shortage appears to be short-term so there should be no reason that they can't obtain the drug in some manner. Here is the information about the Etoposide shortage according the the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the FDA

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