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When do strong tinnitus and/or hearing loss begin to manifest?

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  • When do strong tinnitus and/or hearing loss begin to manifest?

    Hi everyone, I am a new user at the forums!

    Diagnosed in January with a Stage III TC, I completed 4 cycles of chemotherapy about a month ago, being 2 BEP and 2 EP (they dropped the B due to a minor decrease in lung capacity), both regular dosage. I have had AFP in the normal range since the end of cycle 2.

    Except from a still present strong fatigue, I have had a pretty uneventful treatment, in terms of side effects: very manageable nausea, never vomited, just very minor pain in the tips of my fingers in cycle 2, sporadic low-intensity tinnitus that usually happened once a day for a week or so and lasted for 6 to 11 seconds (I always counted).

    Now, one month after my last cycle, I am still having low-intensity tinnitus, about 3 times a week, still for at most 11 seconds (today, for the first time, it happened twice). I am very concerned with my risk of facing a severe hearing loss, since I had four cycles with Cisplatin. Hence, my questions:

    (1) for those of you who got tinnitus to worsen after chemotherapy started/ended, how long did it start to worsen? Did it get any better?

    (2) for those who faced a noticeable hearing loss, how long after chemotherapy started/ended did that begin to manifest?

    Naturally, all details and advice about those are welcome as well!

    Many thanks!

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    1- My tinnitus started during chem & hasn't gotten worse after, but it is with me 24/7. I've learned to ignore it if I'm busy, but at quiet times & if I think about it, it is always there.Pretty much used to it after a year or two.
    2- I had some hearing loss long before chemo, I didn't notice a change in that. My wife's hearing loss without chemo seems more severe, actually.
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      1-My tinnitus also started ruing chemo, and got slightly better after the first year following it. I am also not entirely sure as Davepet said, if I got used to it or it got better.
      2- My partner has mentioned several times that I am not hearing some things that I used to hear in the past. I haven't gotten my ears checked yet though. Maybe later this year. I don't notice any hearing loss so far. I also actively play music for fun.
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        I was born with a hearing loss in the same frequency range that Cisplatin tends to impact. My hearing got a lot worse since chemo.

        I've had mild tinnitus my whole life. During chemo the tinnitus got worse and peaked right about the time I completed chemo. It took about a year for my tinnitus to drop back down to my previous baseline level.

        - Matt
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