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Recurrent seminoma

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    Thank you Mike and raincrow!

    It's almost May now and I haven't completed chemotherapy. The third cycle of EC went much easier than the previous two cycles of EP--much less nausea. I was able to eat full meals all week and into the following week. The care at MSK is excellent. But, on the Monday of the second week off, I noticed a sore red spot on my leg which rapidly turned into a large cellulitis infection that was resistant to antibiotics. It took 8 days of IV antibiotics in the hospital to heal. This delayed the 4th cycle by 2 weeks which I'm now scheduled to starti next Monday. I have to make a decision to either be admitted for EP in the hospital (due to the previous complications) or continue with the EC which lowered my immunity more than the EP, hence the cellulitis.

    In the meantime, the neuropathy I had has decreased significantly to where I'd say it's not an issue. But the issues with hearing have not improved. I've done some relatively scientific testing of my hearing myself and I seem to have hearing loss above 10k which is a problem, not only in general but specifically because of my work as an audio engineer. I'm wondering if I should even continue with the platinum drugs. I've been reading papers about prophylactic treatments that can reduce platinum ototoxicity. No one has suggested this thus far. It seems experimental.

    If I could, I'd take the neuropathy back if my hearing could be spared without a second thought. This really kinda caught me by surprise. I had heard and read a lot about tinnitus but not so much about hearing loss until I dug more. What I'm finding is that the data is not great on this topic. The testing seems to be limited, (eg. only concerned with the speech range) and not standardized (eg. varying frequency ranges tested). None of the papers I've read mention frequencies above 12k and only one went that high. I suspect that many people suffer hearing loss associated with platinol and don't notice it because it's occurred above the range of speech. Another concern is that some papers show delayed onset of hearing loss. A lot to think about ...
    6-17-2014 - ultrasound: right testis neoplasm likely 6-20-2014 - HCG 43 mIU/mL 6-25-2014 - right radical orchiectomy 6-27-2014 - pathology: 3.6 x 3 x 2.3 cm seminoma, classic type.- pT2, pNX, pMX 8-15-2014 - 1x carboplatin 12-22-2020 - enlarged left supraclavicular node. Large abdominal mass noted during GP examination 12-24-2020 - HCG normal 12-28-2020 - CT: large right side retroperitoneal mass, small cyst lower pole of left kidney, 2.3 cm left supraclavicular cystic lesion 1-13-2021 - biopsy 2 left supraclavicular nodes 1-15-2021 - pathology: metastatic seminoma 1-21-2021 - PET: findings consistent with metastatic disease left clavicular 7mm, posterior mediastinum 1.8cm, right adrenal node 1.6cm, aortocaval node 5 x 5cm 2-8-2021 started 4xEP 3-29-2021 switched to 2xEC after 2xEP