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My situation - tumors in atrophic testis

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  • My situation - tumors in atrophic testis

    Hello everybody,
    I’m a 39yo Italian guy.

    I have been newly diagnosed (a week ago actually) via ultrasound.
    I had a problem with the left testis about 3 years ago when I noticed that it had become atrophic and therefore massively reduced in size.
    At that time I saw a urologist and had ultrasound and tumor markers done.
    Tumor markers came back normal but the ultrasound revealed some less dense areas (2 to be specific) with sone smaller areas of calcification which were defined as "not sinister".

    I was told that there was little to worry about and went back to my normal life.
    No cause was found of why the testis became atrophic. I looked at some (sexy ) pictures dated 2 years prior to my first ultrasound and you could actually see the scrotum looking smaller on the left side. So I assume the atrophic process didn’t happen overnight.

    One month ago, and 3 years after my first ultrasound, while touching the atrophic testis I noticed that there was a lump.
    I went to a different urologist and he sent me for another ultrasound and blood work. Tumor markers are still in the normal range (I am aware this means nothing), but the ultrasound this time revealed that the less dense areas, seen 3 years prior, are still there and are highly suspicious for TC.

    The urologist said that the 2 scans, the one I did last week and the one I did 3 years ago, look more or less the same and that if he was the urologist that ordered the first one he would have ordered for removal at that time.
    The atrophic testis is about 1cm in size and the findings (multifocal?) are around 2mm and 4mm more or less.

    I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow and will then go for scans etc. Will have the pathology report after a few days.

    I am trying to stay positive and think that I will get through this. But, probably because it’s the day before surgery, I can’t help feeling anxious.

    I’m sure many of you here can understand

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    I am sorry for your situation. You are right that I do can understand. Good luck with the surgery!
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      How did your surgery go, how long until you get the path results?
      Please keep us updated as you learn more
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        Hello everyone, I am two-day post-surgery and doing great (physically). The surgeon did a good job. I opted to have an implant placed and it looks very natural, although it feels a bit heavier and firmer. I must say the way it looks is the last of my concerns right now. I have been dealing with this in a positive way up to this point. I looked at statistics over and over and felt reassured, but today I am a wreck emotionally.
        For the record, I am not new to this. I had skin cancer 10 years ago and had many other biopsies performed for suspicious lesions on the skin. I know what waiting for pathology results feels like, but yet here I am, super worried.
        Each time feels like the first time I guess. I feel like my case is unique (see the previous post), but probably we all feel that way when dealing with waiting for the pathology results, which should be in by next Friday (latest)

        I feel like I have a lot of questions.
        Has anyone on this forum had an atrophic testis that presented tumors on ultrasound?
        Has anyone had another ultrasound (years before) that shows that whatever is there is growing very slowly?
        Has anyone had multifocal lesions showing on ultrasound?
        I can find no information online on how long it takes for a testicular tumor to form before it manifests itself as a lump. Can it be years?

        Knowing that something was showing on my previous scan three years ago is a big question mark on the concept of "I probably caught this early".

        The slow growth factor is also giving me a lot of concern. It seems to point to one of the rare ones that do not respond to treatments (leydig, sertoli etc¦).

        Sorry for the long post¦ Just needed to put this out.


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          Let us know what the pathology report says when you get it. If there was not much change over a period of 3 years, then I am not sure how worried I would be. At 2 & 4 mm, those are extremely small lesions but if they are suspicious, then better to have them removed out of caution and se what the pathology reports.

          It sounds like some answers will come tomorrow and hopefully, they will help ease your mind so as you at least know what you are or are not facing.

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