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  • About Starting Testosterone Therapy

    Hey guys,

    I’m 25 years old and have gone through HELL since December of 2018. I noticed a lump back in November on my left testicle. I went to my doc who sent me in for a ultrasound. Come to find out, I had not one but THREE masses found. They found two on my left but one on my right. I was referring to a urologist who told me it’s most likely cancer. When she examined me, she didn’t feel anything on my right, which is crazy! I had surgery a few days later to remove my right and go in and try a partial orchiectomy of my right. The surgery was a success, but unfortunately, the pathology report came back with two masses on the left was cancer. One was Embronical carcinoma, seminona, and a minute focus of yolk sack. The smaller one on the left was pure seminoma. Then, on my right, I had what was called post pubertal tertoma, but she removed the teratoma and left my right one in. Fortunately, none of my tumors got as far as my rete testis. I didn’t have any vascular invasion, which put me at Stage 1A. So, a few weeks after surgery I get a call to have a second opinion on my right from Dr. Einhorn because they said I have intratubular neoplasia in my right, which is precancerous cells. I saw Einhorn and he said to remove the right and get on TRT. My urologist was hesitant to move forward with this because it’s premature. To note, my serum tumor markers were normal and my Ct scan was clean before surgery and my blood levels haven’t changed since then (I’ve had two more tests since December).

    Basically, the best of the best which is Einhorn said to remove it, so I did last week. I started on testesterone gel and I’m on day 5. I feel fatigued, lack of energy, and don’t feel like myself. Any words of the wise with testesterone? I was told shots are better. I think I wanna start those next week.

    Words of encouragement or advice?

    My oncology and Dr. Einhorn agreed that I should have my right removed and be on active surveillance since I had no lymphovascular invasion.

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    I messed up, it should of removed my left LOL sorry guys


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      Hi StetCity35,

      I'm sorry I don't have any solutions, but this is also my area of interest right now too. I joined the forum about same time as you and had TC about the same time also (I had it in November last year). Plus I'm 25! So we have a lot in common...

      With regard to my situation, I was only born with one testicle, so I actually had no idea there was a lump on it, because the tumour grew around the teste and having only one of them, I didn't have anything to compare it to. Apparently when I finally realised something was wrong and they diagnosed me, it was 2.5 times bigger than a normal teste (how did I miss that???). They promptly removed it and put me on HRT. I also had no spread to my lymphnodes so on active surveillance.

      For HRT, I have been put on testosterone injections - one injection every three months. I've got two weeks to go until my next and yeah, same as you, feeling really fatigued and low. Not sure if it's better for me to try something more regular.

      Anyway, saw this post of yours and just wanted to get in touch. I'm looking for similar answers to you. And yeah just letting you know you're not alone in this! Here to walk the journey with you dude.



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        StetCity, hoe long ago was your last surgery? I do 't see a date, but reaize it takes time to recover so nmight not be T related.

        Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
        Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP