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TRT after 2nd orchiectomy. Any bloodwork to do beforehand, and tips on transition?

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  • TRT after 2nd orchiectomy. Any bloodwork to do beforehand, and tips on transition?

    Having a second orchitectomy, described in the 2x thread. But have a couple of TRT questions I figured I'd ask here.

    Bloodwork: I've heard mentioned it can be good to get some blood markers beforehand. Any I should aim for? I have already had T and free T measured as part of followup for the first one. I know I basically only have a couple weeks to measure any of the others while I still have a testicle, so figured I'd check if there's anything I should measure.

    Smoothing the transition: Doctor wants to get me started on androgel a couple days before the surgery. Other than this, is there anything I should do in terms of having a smooth transition to new hormones? I'd like to not lose too much fitness and be in a good place productivity wise, rather than languishing hormonally for a couple of months. Any common pitfalls to avoid or things that help?

    Best form? Have heard injections a few times a week may be the best form, but don't really know. Anything you guys have found you like the most? Androgel probably simplest to start on.

    Dosage: My T was never that high, and my free T was always rock bottom. So I may have been hypogonadal for years. Given that, what should I aim for in terms of levels?

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    Your doc's plan sounds good, my doc wouldn't start TRT for 2 weeks, it was rough. Some guys transition easily, others have difficulty getting their levels right, so might be a while to settle in. I've used Testim, Androgel Generic T and now injections.All worked well, injections once every 3 weeks is by far more convenient, but I felt the Felt the generic gel worked best.You should aim for the normal range, it is impossibly wide, so an easy target.
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