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    Early 40s. I/O right 3 yr ago. Surveillance. 3 mo later lymph nodes then 3xBEP. Been okay cancer wise since. Had low T 199 after chemo but felt okay and functional enough to live with it. Especially because I wanted to retain what was left of fertility and did not want to deal with cost of another medication.

    Now recently, at first slowly, as I reflect back, over the course of two months and then all of a sudden starting two weeks ago hit very hard. I think I over consumed tofu over a couple months as part of trying to go vegetarian and keto to lose weight without proper research.

    Having all the symptoms of low T hot flashes, complete loss of libido and function, mental, skin changes, fatigue, remaining is squishy and numb when it used to be more firm and painful etc. Seriously effecting mental and physical and negatively all aspects of my life. Awaiting T lab results. Feels worse than I remember chemo and surgery. Aside from feeling sick, chemo was a roller coaster of high and low because of the steroids. Surgery was a low for a couple days and then body reacclimating shortly after. This is just one big low. I am finding it hard to get through the day. Unable to think or focus on anything in the morning and exhausted at night.

    Just had surveillance bloodwork and scans. Everything was normal on scans, ultrasound and bloodwork so far except a slight above normal LDH for the first time for me (I put this in another post).

    Oncology sent me to urologist for urgent consult because of out of normal LDH and symptoms and urologist ruled out more cancer and said I'd have to book another appointment two months out to even discuss anything, T or concerns about the remaining, or go back to GP.

    Went back to GP who said it was above her head and would order T, diabetes and Thyroid test and would send me to Endocrinologist if anything was off. Diabetes and Thyroid tests all normal and comparative to what Ive been at for years. Still waiting for T results.

    Looking for advice and support on anyone who has gone through T issues 2+ years after chemo. I have limited resources now. How can I get good help quickly? Any treatment options? How should I get help after getting T results and who can I go to? In New England area USA. Any advice and support at all will be appreciated.
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    LDH is not a specific cancer marker, it is a sign of inflammation, even a strenuous workout can cause a rise. So while there have been a few cases caught due to elevated LDH, normally it is raised due to something else. Still, it's smart to check it out, Keep us posted.
    Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
    Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP