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Periodic pain in remaining testicle, with no issues on ultrasound?

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    Thanks everyone. I have been trying a few things but still no clear idea. Some random thoughts here
    - Seems to be worse in the morning when I side-sleep. If I force myself to sleep on my back, feels better (not 100% though)
    - I did gain some weight from bad food lately. I m off to Japan for a week. Let's see what seaweed and fish does to that!
    - I carry my toddler a lot on my shoulders. (back from school). I wonder if the 36lbs could do something to my muscles.
    - I have not switched yet to more supporting underwears (boxer guy). Probably would help avoiding movements..
    - Cannot tell you about fertility. We have a 3 y/o that keeps us busy and not planning for more, so not much data.
    - As for the pain is not TC I agree but in my case, it all started with a pain localized in my left testis and the US found the TC completely inside of it. So I wonder if when it reached a certain size it started pushing on a nerve .. Hard not to remember this was my first symptom...


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      One more question: does to a clear US rule out infections? (UTI, Epidimytis etc)


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        Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
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          I don't think it rule out a UTI, I think epidimytis might show up.
          Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
          Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP


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            As a followup to anyone reading this thread, a subsequent ultrasound revealed some very small masses which have grown in the remaining testicle. Largest .5 cm. Will be making a post about this in the main thread but wanted to update here. My recommendation for anyone in my situation is periodic ultrasounds, these appear to have caught it quite early. I also had many of the risk factors for contralateral: microlithiasis, extremely low sperm count, etc.

            Surgery scheduled fairly shortly, am attempting sperm banking. (Would also recommend this for anyone, including before their first surgery. It turns out that my first testicle removed had fairly normal sperm production, but no one had mentioned banking, so I have to make do with very small amounts to bank now.) Fingers crossed for surgery results but as this was caught seemingly early I'm hoping for another stage 1 with surveillance only.

            Still have intermittent pain in the testicle, probably unrelated, but it helped drive me to get an ultrasound recently so maybe I should be thankful for it.


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              So sorry to her that the second testicle has been affected and sending you all my best. Glad that you are able to get in to bank sperm. With some testosterone supplementation you'll still do incredible, for sure!!!

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