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Lung issues after bleomycin

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  • Lung issues after bleomycin

    Does anyone know anything about pleural thickening of the lung after bleomycin treatment?

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    The term, "pleural thickening" isn't very descriptive and can be caused by a number of things. It is a fairly common finding when it comes to uncommon findings on a chest X-ray. I do not know how it relates or if it does relate to bleomycin. I would have a conversation with my medical oncologist about it and see if any further evaluations or imaging is needed.

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      I had a chest CT scan before chemo and a abdominal after and they found NEW pleural thickening on the visible lower lung lobe of the abdominal scan. My oncologist doesnt seem too concerned about it and she denied my request to see a pulmonary doctor. She does want a chest xray in 2 months and a chest CT in 4 months. I have also been fighting some bad GERD since finishing chemo and also a cough which my oncologist attributed to GERD. Can acid reflux with esophigitis cause pleural thickening? Im worried because ive asked my oncologist several times to refer me to a pulmonologist and she wont do it. I tried making an appointment myself but they either need a refferal or the earliest appointment is 2-3 months from now.

      Is pleural thickening the same as fibrosis? Everything Ive read regarding lung fibrosis suggest that corticosteroid treatment can help limit and maybe reverse some damage but my oncologist doesnt think I need any treatment and I would really like to get a pulmonologists opinion. I even went to ER because of my cough but they just tested me for covid and sent me home, which I dont have since ive been living like a shut in for the past 3 months. They didnt see the lung pleural thickening on the chest xray at the ER but they did on CT scan a week later.
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        OMG man, I'm sorry that you relapsed, I remember that we talked a lot about 1xcarbo or just surveillance, but I was sure that you picked adjuvant chemo. I hope I didn't point you in a wrong direction, I believe that surveilance was also Einhorns proposal.
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          Lol no you really helped me get an understanding of what was happening. After that I spoke with several doctors both in person and through email and they all basically said to do surveillance. Including Dr Einhorn I must have got the opinion of 10 different doctors. Plus alot more other guys on the forums both here and on McMillan from UK.

          After speaking with a urologist doctor in Denver who took over my surveillance/treatment I decided to go with surveillance and RPLND if I relapse. However I relapsed with a 3.7cm node and it was too big for surgery so all the doctors suggested bep or radiation, with bep being preffered due to the size. It grew really fast for a seminoma in 4 months between scans by almost 1 cm a month. Seminoma grows on average 2-3 mm a month.
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            Ok, thanks. I just checked our conversation, I was open for survelilance or adjuvant chemo in your case, I was just sceptical about radiation.
            Yep, this growth is fast, hm, but it is still catched soon enough for chemo.
            About pleural thickening, my aunt had it long time ago due some chemical fumes poisoning. It was acute poisoning, lungs got some permanent damage in a way of fibrosis, but it was not a permanent proces, progresion of thickening stopped, she was fine after. I think it is similar thing with bleomicin; acute poisoning.
            Maybe your oncologist thinks that it is too risky for you to go anywhere especially in this covid crisis.
            45yo, left I/O 07/30/2018, T1 pure seminoma, surveillance...