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Waiting on scans, but think I am in a good spot so far

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  • Waiting on scans, but think I am in a good spot so far

    Edit: This is my first post here, but I have been lurking for 2 weeks for obvious reasons. Thank you forum members, for being here and providing valuable info to “newbies”. I don’t know how I would know 50% of what I know without you.

    Copy pasting some note files from my phones. We got what I believe to be the best case news yesterday, pure seminoma pt1b (due to size) with no invasion anywhere outside testis. He also told me I can lift 15 lbs again, a week later!

    Symptoms were swollen nut with large marble size lump, pain (real or imagined). Left nut was 2X as big as right and the tumor itself was larger than right nut.


    11/11 Saw doctor, bloodwork and urinalysis. Scheduled for ultrasound next day and follow up Friday.
    AFP: 5.8 ng/mL
    hCG: 3 mIU/mL
    LDH: 165 IU/L

    11/12 Ultrasound shows 4.5 x 3.3 x 3.0 cm multilobular mass

    11/13 informed I need orchiectomy ASAP

    11/19 Thursday - orchiectomy performed. Surgeon told wife his belief at this point is that it will be a seminoma. Follow up is scheduled for Wednesday the 25th at 1 PM. CT scans and x rays were mentioned but not scheduled yet.

    On way home from follow up appointment. Confirmed as testicular cancer Seminoma stage 1 which was the best case really. I have cat scan and follow up at urologist Dec 7 @ 1 PM and will also be referred to oncologist regarding continuing scans (if clear) or chemo/radiation if the scans are not clear, and possibly even just to prevent anything from coming back if scans are clear but oncologist wants to do that. The surgery / pathology however so far seems to be showing the best case with no spread outside where the first tumor was.

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    Sounds like it's as good as it gets so far, welcome to the forum.
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      Good to hear everything has gone well so far. Keep a positive attitude, and sounds like you are getting great care. Please keep us posted.


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        Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The CT scan results will play the largest role in your decision making going forward. So far it seems like you are on a good course and keep us posted of your results. Minus anything showing on the CT it looks like the decisions would be if or not to receive any adjuvant carboplatin or (usually less preferred) radiation therapy or to undergo Active Surveillance. I am assuming they will re-check your tumor markers post-operatively as well.

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          Hoping your scans have come back all clear! If that is the case, your situation would be similar to mine and my team recommended surveillance only. This was over 10 years ago so there may be additional guidance today.
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