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Stage llb and told 85% survival rate

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  • Stage llb and told 85% survival rate

    Tomorrow is the big day. My 32 year old brother begins the first of his four rounds of ep chemo. He is quite nervous.
    During his last check up, four months following his post op scans and bloodwork, it was determined that the cancer had spread to his abdominal lymph nodes.
    The doctor gave him an 85% survival rate and, while that sounds pretty good, it still seems lower than what I have read for those with stage llb.
    What do you think the reasoning behind this lower rate might be? As I mentioned in a previous post, I have already lost one brother to a car accident and now this cancer diagnosis has pushed all of my family into a state of sadness and fear. Any insight you might have is sincerely appreciated

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    I am not sure where your brother is being treated. But, if the doctor is using EPx4 correctly, then your brother should have Good Prognosis metastatic nonseminoma, in which case the 85% survival rate indeed seems low. The IGCCCG just updated their old model and the 5-year overall survival for Good Prognosis metastatic nonseminoma has actually increased from 92% to 96%. So, I am not sure exactly what they are talking about with the 85%

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      Thank you Mike. I really appreciate your reply. It makes me feel better. I am not sure about all of the specifics. I know originally they found that his tumor was 96% E.C. nonseminoma. It has spread to several lymph nodes, the largest just over 2cm. I will have to ask him again about where the 85% number came from.